What to Expect

Floating in the a Lake Union Hot Tub Boat

What you can bring

Snacks – potential to get wet (you are sitting in water surrounded by water)

Drinks – yes alcohol is allowed! – Cans and pre-mixed drinks are OK!  No bottles of spirits. Please drink responsibly! One person will need to remain the designated driver/ designated captain (just like on the road for maximum safety and fun!)

Bathing suit (or shorts and a t-shirt if you forgot yours at home)

What Your Rental Includes

Dry towels to dry off after your return

A Bluetooth speaker to sync with your phone and listen to music

Waterproof, floating phone cases –

Bottled water 1 per person – just in case you get thirsty

Group of Girls Enjoying Lake Union Hot Tub Boats

The Rental Experience

You’ll arrive at our boat office where we have 2 warm and dry changing rooms for you to get changed.  We have storage available for your dry clothes and personal belongings in our locked dry box while you are out on the boat.  Then you and your friends (up to 6 people total) will climb into the 104 degree hot tub and after listening to our brief safety instruction will take off and drive the hot tub boat around Lake Union!


Is this real – Yes, this is real!  You can actually rent a boat that is also a hot tub!

How warm is the water? 100+ degrees.  It’s wood fired so you will have the ability to manually change the temperature if its too hot or not hot enough.

Are kids welcome?  – 12 years and older if accompanied by an adult.  Any younger and the hot water can be uncomfortable and not fun for kids.

Pregnant? – Soaking in a hot tub and being pregnant could be potentially risky so we prefer to err on the side of caution and prohibit it.

Cancellation Policy – Things happen and we get it!  Full refunds offered if you need to cancel 7 days prior to your trip.  A week out and our schedule is set. We run a very tight schedule to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this experience with only 2 boats.  No refunds on cancellations and we cannot reschedule within 7 days of your scheduled trip.

Have more than 6 people you want to take out? – Yes we do allow groups up to 12 in 2 boats.  Please contact us directly to setup a schedule and ask about pricing! – info@lakeunionhottub.com

How long are the trips?– Trips start out as 2 hour trips.  Please contact us directly if your are interested in a longer trip! – info@lakeunionhottub.com

Are there places we can’t go in the boats? – Yes, you’ll need to stay in between the I-5 and 99 bridges. (The 2 tallest bridges)

What if I come back late? – We run a very tight schedule trying to prep the boat for the next guests.  If you bring the boat back later than 5 minutes you’ll be charged a $50 late fee.

Damage – The party will be responsible to pay for any damage on a case by case basis.

What if something goes wrong during the cruise? – our office number will be on the boat and you can give us a call at any time.  We can usually walk you through any issues but we have a chase boat just in case.

Do I need to know how to drive a boat – No!  It’s very simple to operate the boat and we will give you a quick safety demonstration so you are safe and have fun!

I’m from out of town and don’t have a swim suit – Just bring a t shirt and shorts! – don’t let a lack of a swimsuit stop you from this incredible experience!

Where are we located – Our address is 2401 N Northlake Way – we are located directly beside the Sunnyside Boat Ramp for Lake Union!

Parking – there is about a half-mile stretch on Northlake Way that is a gravel parking strip and is free back angle parking first come first serve. It could be tricky to find parking spots at times and if you are worried, it’s always easier to take an uber/lyft or lime/uber bicycle to our convenient location!

What wood do you use for the stove?  We use North Idaho Energy Logs for our wood stoves!   They are warmer, greener, cleaner and wiser wood fuel. North Idaho Energy Logs produce more heat from 100% natural recycled wood and cut emissions by more than 50%!